Intelligent Sports Car Cat Toy


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Gravitational Intelligent Running Car
Product dimensions:
Car: 74*67*44mm
Remote control: 41*16*115mm
Weight: 95g
Material: ABS/Silicone
Battery: Polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 300mah
Charging voltage: 5V/1A
Remote control battery model: cr2032
Package content:

  • intelligent sports car *1,
  • tail *1,
  • feather accessories *1,
  • TYPE-C cable *1,
  • remote control *1

Product Features:
Intelligent RC Dual Mode—Automatic mode, remote control mode two modes switch at will, happy racing!
Intelligent obstacle avoidance — with infrared sensing function, detecting the obstacle automatically back, turn and play without NG!
Remote control — 15-20M ultra-long distance easy remote control
Falling and turning up—-bearing one-piece universal wheel, falling and turning up 360┬░sensitive turning
Ultra-long battery life—USB charging, no need to replace the battery, a charge lasting life, get rid of the trouble of changing batteries
Automatic standby—Intelligent mode, automatic standby after five minutes, cat touch to activate again.
How to switch smart mode
Short press the on/off button: start/shut down the sports car.
Switching mode: under the start state, long press the switch key for 3 seconds.
Normal mode: (green indicator light is on for 3s) automatically shut down after running for 5 minutes
Intelligent mode: (blue indicator light is on for 3s) after 5 minutes of operation, enter standby mode, tap to activate.



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