Funny Cat Fluffy Feather Toy


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The accessories you receive are the same as shown on the options picture, and there will be no accessories that are not included in the picture.

Note that the rod is made of plastic. If the cat is too vigorous, the pole may be torn off. Plastic rods are consumables! ! ! ! Mind to prepare some more for your pet.

Strong suction cup style, strong suction!

Product size: the total length of the pole is about 90cm, and the length of the replacement head is about 15cm.

This toy allows your cat toy to interact with.

Made of quality cat-friendly and non-toxic materials. Imitate cats and kittens looking for natural prey.

Handheld model: You can hold the cat stick to interact with your cat.

Suction cup type: can be fixed on the floor or wall, the cat will play. You can separate the stick from the base, hold it and play with the cat.

Products include: 1* cat toys

Note: Due to manual measurement of the size, there is a slight error in the data, and there is a slight color difference due to the difference of the screen display, everything is subject to the actual product. This toy is a consumable, it is recommended to prepare more.


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